A 10 Minute Meditation Routine

My current meditation routine is for 10 minutes when I wake up, and before I sleep. This is a great way to start your practice. And yes, I actually do it lying down. Download and open the Oak app (it’s free). https://www.oakmeditation.com/

For settings on the Oak app:

Select: Unguided Meditation Duration: 10 Min Chimes: Starting bell: Triple bronze bowl Ending bell: Bronze bowl – large Interval bell: Chrystal bowl – small Interval time: Every five minutes. Background: Stream Warmup: none. For the first 5 minutes, box breath.

Box Breathing

Sit in a comfortable chair, ground, or kneel, whatever is most comfortable for you. 1) Take a deep slow breath for 3,4, or 5 counts. Breath in and first fill your belly, your midsection, then fully fill your lungs till it lifts your shoulders. 2) Hold it for the same count. 3) Exhale slowly for the same count starting from the top push it down and out. 4) Hold it for the same count. 5) Repeat. Then for the remaining five minutes perform either a mantra-based meditation, usually I do “I love you.” Or practice a gratitude meditation, as well as your future self-feeling and vision. We will dive more into this in future guides.

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